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Bone Names
Code: j_mainroot <- yes j_coatfront_le <- yes j_coatfront_ri <- yes j_coatrear_le <- yes j_coatrear_ri <- yes j_hip_le <- yes j_hip_ri <- yes j_spinelower <- yes j_hiptwist_le <- yes j_hiptwist_ri <- yes j_knee_le <- yes j_knee_ri <- yes j_shorts_le <- not on entity j_shorts_lift_le <- not on entity j_shorts_lift_ri <- not on entity j_shorts_ri <- not on entity j_spineupper <- yes j_ankle_le <- yes j_ankle_ri <- yes j_knee_bulge_le <- yes j_knee_bulge_ri <- yes j_spine4 <- yes j_ball_le <- yes j_ball_ri <- yes j_clavicle_le <- yes j_clavicle_ri <- yes j_collar <- not on entity j_neck <- yes j_shoulderraise_le <- yes j_shoulderraise_ri <- yes j_head <- yes j_shoulder_le <- yes j_shoulder_ri <- yes j_brow_le <- yes j_brow_ri <- yes j_cheek_le <- yes j_cheek_ri <- yes j_elbow_bulge_le <- yes j_elbow_bulge_ri <- yes j_elbow_le <- yes j_elbow_ri <- yes j_eye_lid_bot_le <- yes j_eye_lid_bot_ri <- yes j_eye_lid_top_le <- yes j_eye_lid_top_ri <- yes j_eyeball_le <- yes j_eyeball_ri <- yes j_head_end <- yes j_jaw <- yes j_levator_le <- yes j_levator_ri <- yes j_lip_top_le j_lip_top_ri j_mouth_le j_mouth_ri j_shouldertwist_le j_shouldertwist_ri j_chin_skinroll j_helmet j_lip_bot_le j_lip_bot_ri j_wrist_le j_wrist_ri j_wristtwist_le j_wristtwist_ri j_gun j_index_le_1 j_index_ri_1 j_mid_le_1 j_mid_ri_1 j_pinky_le_1 j_pinky_ri_1 j_ring_le_1 j_ring_ri_1 j_thumb_le_1 j_thumb_ri_1 j_index_le_2 j_index_ri_2 j_mid_le_2 j_mid_ri_2 j_pinky_le_2 j_pinky_ri_2 j_ring_le_2 j_ring_ri_2 j_thumb_le_2 j_thumb_ri_2 j_index_le_3 j_index_ri_3 j_mid_le_3 j_mid_ri_3 j_pinky_le_3 j_pinky_ri_3 j_ring_le_3 j_ring_ri_3 j_thumb_le_3 j_thumb_ri_3 j_legextra_le j_legextra_ri j_pants_hang j_spine1 j_back_equip_le j_back_equip_ri j_gasmask j_legextra_le_end j_legextra_ri_end j_spade j_spine2 j_back_equip_end_le j_back_equip_end_le1 j_gasmask_end j_pack1 j_pack2 j_pack3 j_pack4 j_pack5 j_pack6 j_spade_end j_spine3 j_toeend_le j_toeend_ri Basically just got tired of aiming for the head, so i decided to look for some other bone names in memory. Anyway thats what i found, hope someone finds it usefull. Havent tested them all but the ones that say "yes" next to it work fine and the others that say "not on entity" well basically werent on the entity. Oh and if ive missed any and you wish to contribute, feel free to.
hehe, nice work. Most people didn't know this, but now they do. The same can be done with registershader. You will find alot in there aswell
Nice job man. Thanks for posting here on UC.
thanks man rep
very nice work 1
Thanks, oh and R4z8r about that shader, ill be sure to have a look for them xD.

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