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How to solo glitch and escape with loot!
So today I figured out a way to solo loot without the
I did not tried this yet but...isn't it impossible to press E to that storage box through ceiling?
Nah if you time it right you can open the box but only through ceiling.
#4 can through ceilings but you can't through walls...thanks for sharing man
If you have enough sleeping bags resp. cloth you can place them through walls. Then drop your whole inventory near the wall before you suicide. Lootsacks are not accessible through walls but dropped items are.
I don't even use a bag, I just get close enough to the wall then after respawning I am able to loot my corpse bag and walk out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Masonliles So today I figured out a way to solo loot without the
wow will try, cant believe ive never thought of this lol
To glitch through, you have to walk through the wall a small ammount and quickly place the sleeping bag, so have it ready and then place it through. Once you have press F1 and type suicide and press 'Respawn at camp'

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