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Rare weapon spawn
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaiche Frag grenades don't spawn in-game. Only way to aquire them is to kill a Dev or kill a person that has killed a Dev. you're wrong. grenades exist in the game, I asked this question to support, they said that the grenades spawn in game.
anyone else finding mega rare items at airport? so many rares now, EVO-3 Versek-2 or something, damn airport rules ;O
i had frag grens and they are pretty terrible, they dont even kill zombies
airport. tylers ranch. camp splinter. campos. west bolder for sure. tons of m107s there.
I know who can sell FrGanades (for $1) and all rare weapons for $3 gun
I don't think you can find frag grenades anymore
Quote: Originally Posted by smoochy not sure about those. i still cannot find a lock box, but i found FN M249, i was shocked, i didnt think they even spawned :O pruf! http:
I found one time Bison on a military base near the helicopter
There no point of having grenades they dont do damage to people or zombies \ all they do is explode and make a boom effect.
Quote: Originally Posted by addiboy Another thing that I am annoyed with, there are guns in warz that I have never even heard of... Because every 1

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