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1 Glitch and 1 Noclip in Campos
Well I start with the glitch.The glitch is at the big house,where u can run like 5 floors up(if u dont know which building is meant please ask.) now you stand on the street and look at the front door and you see the windows on the right side of the front door.the first window is that one we will use to get onto the top of the building. So we go into the building and go to the room on the right (where the window is).We go into the window and lay down and stand up again.It`s a glitch so it just works a few times,just try to jump up and so on.The best way to glitch is to log out and log in, this will make you stand in that window and then try to jump. 2.The noclip in Campos Hard to explain maybe I gonna make some screenies, first I want to thank the zombies,which told me the way through the fence of the parking area behind the big shopping i think there is still this car.So here we go.we got the parking area and a car and a bus on the street outside of the parking area, there is also a lil house.The fence is just cutting the parking area from the street so if you come from the market on the parking area and you see the bus just walk to the fence beetween you and the bus.You will just find it if you walk against the fence until the collision free part comes. edit:I found the house glitch,while i tried to jump out of that window and stucked in it...

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