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A3MON Client - Complete Multihack (with less obvious aimbot)
Hello, You may have never seen me, but I downloaded "A3MON Client - Complete Multihack" from here some time back. I think it works great, except that when you toggle random aim it doesnt really do anything, so with my little programming experience I researched how this hack was functioning and altered it a little. Here is an example of the difference random aim makes with my code: Is there any need for this addition? If not, i will just let this thread die and return to the shadows I came from.
you can put this version A3MON
Is this hack also without no-recoil?
Give me this version pls
Quote: Originally Posted by fbto4 Is this hack also without no-recoil? Im not entirely sure where the no-recoil part of the hack is being done yet.
ill try to get a public version out within 24h, i need to fix toggleable fall damage i accidentally broke and make options for recoil.
NotForSale, looks great and cant wait to try it out. If you ever wanna add more features from Dizzy hack. That will make the ultimate Rust hack!!!!! :-)
Could you possibly Also add a version where you can Change the toggle key for the Aimbot and maybe Also a toggle key for recoil
You should also add, check if visible, because if someone is in a building, its annoying that the aimbot is locking on him.
That feature requires me to send some kind of ray towards the other player and is just too much trouble. OK, i made a toggle for recoil. now going to fix falldamage fixed no falldamage enable

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