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PokemonGo Bot (Easy Setup)
PokemonGo Bot Hi guys, here is a PokemonGo bot. the Setup: Setup.JPG How to Use: 1. Unzip 2. Open "PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe" 3. Setup 4. Enjoy Bot on work Bot on Work.JPG Attachment 13164 Status: [ Unknown ] Should be safe tho.
Please upload your file to UC Downloads if you wish to share.
Please upload the file to UCDownloads and add a link to your post. After doing so, you do not need to take any further action, just be patient. Our file analyzers will manually review your file submission and approve it shortly after you upload it as long as it is safe and doesn't violate any rules. Our staff members are all volunteers, and the amount of time this takes varies depending on various factors including the current queue size, and how many staff members are available to handle the queue. Therefore, we cannot provide any estimate on approval time. Thanks in advance for your contribution.
This is available here: https:
File denied, please remove the auto-updating feature from the bot and reupload. UC rules prohibit auto-updaters
It is not working anyways because Niantic server are validating the position now. It will take some days to work again.

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