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Good Video Card For Infestation
Ok the system I talked about that I was gonna buy? I bought it and can play emus with good FPS. What the hell was everyone saying that PC sucked? But that's not the point here, I have another question. Will the HD 6670 be good enough to play Infestation: Survivor Stories on all low, v-sync off, and 1440 x 900? My brother just bought it but he had an Intel Duo Core so I'm guessing that matters. By the way he could play Battlefield 3 on medium and was getting about 40-50 FPS. Specs: A6-5400k 3.4 GHz 4 Gb Ram 380 Watt PSU I'm guessing that's all that matters. Please tell me if it will be good enough for the conditions above. Thanks.

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