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the game crashes
i got vac ban and every time i'm opening the game it's just crashing to the desktop without any error message. i'm using the v25.02.2014 cracked rust, any idea how to fix this? (reinstall doesnt work and the unban tool not working too) please help me i'm only want to play again without cheats this time (i used only no fall damge and the admin knew it somehow).
The Same thing is happening 2 me. I got VAC banned and used the unban tool and now I cant open rust! Please help us
the way to solve is not to use the unban tool, it causes the game to crash afterwards when it is used. The author of LumaEmu purposely made it to do that if the file is modified...
hey i just solved it open the rust and the unban tool and starte the unban tool while you are in facepunch icon do it 2-4 times and the last one leave it on withe the message you unbanned
For the resolve those fucking crashes you must reinstall your fucking windows...or like i made...resintall windows..make a virtual image of partition C:\ ( windows partition ) then...every time you'll be banned...just restore the virtual image ...and...delete the game folder...and unarchive the game again....don't forget...this is the solution for the moment...
Yeah, this happened to me as well. This is the Unban tool fault. Do not use it!

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