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7 Days to Die 8.7 Hack (Patched .dll) by MolestMole
#Use at your own risk on VAC enabled servers #MolestMole 1. Put the file in Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed 2. Launch the game - Download - - Updated Download (not approved) - #7 Days to Die 8.7 Patched .dll - Fly with G DebugInterfaceTemp.Debug-Menu Check AddtionalGameControls - Show all players on map EntifiyPlayer.IsDrawMapIcon NGUIMAP.? - No fall damage EntifiyPlayer.Falling - Right-click teleport on map NguiMap.Update - Creative-Menu with Y PlayerMoveController.Update - Blocks will not get consumed ItemBlock.ExecuteAction - Food will not get consumed ItemActionEat.OnHoldingUpdate - No Weapon Degrade ItemActionranged - No Ammo consumption ItemActionranged.ReloadGunItemAction - No Tool Degrade ItemActionEat.OnHoldingUpdate - DamageMultiplier x45 Damagemultiplier.Get(String) - Start Spawn Locations on Map (Stars) NguiMap.?? - Adjust Gamespeed with Numpad - (Speedhack) DebugInterfaceTemp.Debug-Menu Check AddtionalGameControls
Download link?
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper Download link? Waiting for approval Added: - Start Spawn Locations on Map (Stars) NguiMap.?? And the ShowAllPlayers ist now working on True and False Servers. Will Update the file after some other changes.
Thanks bro i will try it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Waiting for approval...
This will be in the next Update - Immune to Radiation Damage ᝤ.isRadiationSensitive - Increased Stamina-Damage-Modifier ItemActionAttack.StaminaModifier - 1-Hit-Block-Mining ItemActionAttack.GetBlockDamage - Ranged Weapon can always reload even without Ammo (Legit-Play) ItemActionRanged.CanReload
work? somebody test it?
Thx. Will Update for 8.8 in a couple of hours
Yeap, work perfectly! For those who want use it on the servers. Immortality, immune to radiation work only in God mode, when you fly. By the way, No fall damage work always. this is wery powerfull cheat, so, maybe need to close open release, or remove some from free use, i will play on the server, and 10 other people use this hack .dll, we destroyed server totally, so it's crashed. It's only my idea... Don't judge strong.
does this game support lan play?

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